4 Types of Data Structure You Need to Know

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Data structure is a collection of data that is organized in a way so as to allow efficient access. As the name suggests that, it is all about structuring data, done according to the nature of the data. Due to the technicalities of the subject, student often opt for data structure assignment help.

But having clear concepts about data structure can help you write more informed assignments on your own. So here is a brief overview of the 4 types of data structure that you need to keep in mind:

  1. Linear- arrays, list
  2. Tree- binary, heaps, space partitioning
  3. Hash- distributed hash table, hash tree etc
  4. Graphs-decision, directed, acyclic etc

Let us now delve a little deeper into these concepts.

  • Arrays

An array is a finite group. In this kind of data structure, the data is allocated while sharing the same border like memory locations and each element can be accessed with an index key. Since this is the foundation of all data structuring operations, you should ask an assignment expert for data structure assignment help.

  • Lists

In this form of data structuring, the data is structured in a list, and they do not share the same memory location.  

  • Trees

As the name suggests, it is a hierarchical representation of data. Here the data is connected from roots to sub-trees through nodes. This further has a division in several branches, depending on the data essay structure.

  • Hash-

In the hash table, the data structure is designed in a way that it is capable of mapping ‘key’ to ‘value’.

  • Graphs-

Graphs are a form of abstract data. It helps to guide the implementation of a data structure according to the data theory.


These are the data structure type in which students often faces difficulties. The level rises when they are allotted to complete an essay regarding the topic. You can go through these tips to complete such your data structure assignment. If you are stuck, do not shy away from taking data structure assignment help to score good marks in the semester exams.